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Agency Executive Producer
Head of Production

I love what I do.  I wish I could marry it.  But I only do freelance.
Happy agencies, smiling clients and shiny trophies.  Shot all over the world and have an uncanny ability to navigate high-profile, complex, advertising projects.  Passion for comedy, documentaries, and my people skills aren’t bad either.
Trusted to deliver powerful branded entertainment – digital, broadcast, live-event, TV series

*This is not Harry Lowell.  This is Kevin Hart in a Super Bowl spot produced by Harry Lowell.  So there's no confusion, when you book Harry, Kevin doesn't usually show up.




NEWS:  Webby Award Winner – Tasty Truths


Best Documentary Award – WeLaGente / Maui Film Festival


Top 10 Super Bowl Ad – Hyundai Hope On Wheels Charity

Top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time – Hyundai "First Date"

Freelance on purpose for 20+ years

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